Seven Sinful Foods to Avoid to Protect Your Skin


Your skin is our largest organ, so whatever we eat manifests itself on our skin in a good way with dewy, healthy and youthful looking skin or in a bad way with acne, dryness and worst of all wrinkles.

Juicing and getting in your 5 Veggies a Day are vital to healthy skin, check out some of my Smoothie Recipes!

There are also some BAD foods that can age you and make you look OLD like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Here are the Top Foods to Avoid:

1. Coffee & Caffeine

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How to Celebrate Mardi Gras at Home with Your Kids

How to Celebrate Mardi Gras at Home with Your Kids via I'm Not the Nanny

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It’s time of the year again! Mardi Gras is the time for king cakes, beads and revelry!  Mardi Gras, which translate to Fat Tuesday in French, is the day before Ash Wednesday. While the actual Mardi Gras is on February 17, the partying has already started! This season represents a time of indulgence before the fasts of the Lent. One of these days we’ll take the kids down to New Orleans to experience the parades with their beautiful floats and giant beads. In the meantime, we’ll celebrate Mardi Gras at home in our own way. I’ve got a round up of books, crafts, music and recipes that will make celebrating Mardi Gras at home fun for you and the kids!

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What REALLY Happens When You Procrastinate #FiguringOut40

When You Procastinate


I can’t be the only person who has notebooks and notepads full of tasks on a to-do list that –  I have not done. It’s even more evident to me this year because I’m “trying” to clean up my desk and there are notes every.friggin.where. Some of them I misplaced. Others I just pushed aside. I paused this weekend to think about What REALLY Happens When You Procrastinate. It’s not just about pushing paper or notes around your desk. Even productive people procrastinate. But we are limiting ourselves and our opportunities when we do it.

What REALLY Happens When You Procrastinate is….

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How to Effectively Stifle Your Child



As parents, we want the best for our children.  We don’t want to see them make the same mistakes that we did and we do our best to shelter them in every possible way.  Many times, in our pursuit to keep them close and keep them safe, we stunt their growth along the way.  We project our fears, hang-ups, and insecurities unto our tiny babies and call it parenting.  But we’re doing the best we can.

I often contemplate things like this, when I’m thinking about Jam’s future.  Or when I’m creating it.  I watch her jump off “tall things” and my first response is to tell her to stop before she gets hurt.  I catch her trying to balance too many items at once, and tell her to take two trips.  She wants to sing off key, and show me that she can make decisions and still be okay, only for me to tell her to sing it right or not all and to give her a plethora of ways to make her argument better.  I call it parenting.  It’s really just stifling though.

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#DIY Air Freshener – Make Your Home Smell Delicious!



I visited  a friend yesterday, and before I left; she asked me if I wanted to take some lemons home with me. She has a Lemon Tree in her backyard. Being a fan of all things lemon (lemonade, lemon pound cake, lemon cookies, lemon bars), I took her up on her offer and came home with a bag full of fresh lemons! (Thanks, Becky!) 

This morning I decided to make my home made Air Freshener, at least that’s what I call it. (Or is it potpourri?) Either way, I’m trying to cut down on the chemicals & toxins in our home, and this all-natural concoction makes the entire house smell yummy.

This recipe is super easy, you’ll need:

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Photography Book Review



I love to read. I love photography. So why not put the two together. I started out as a self taught photographer then went back to school and am 9 credits shy of my degree in Digital Imaging and Video Production.

I am always looking for the newest information and to help me on my journey to provide my clients a better experience. So here is a peak into my office and what I use as a reference guide to help me grow and develop my craft every day.

My 3  favorite books were Photographing women 1,000 poses by Eliot Siegel. This book was recommended to me by a fellow photographer Brent Morales while sharing a plate of nachos and having a very intimate discussion about Instagram a few years ago. I quickly came home and ordered it. It is one of the best books on posing women I have ever laid hands on. It gives a variety of poses, and why some are good and why some wont work. The size of the model,  the prop, angel and even the type of clothing she has on will affect the portraits outcome. prepare and  know these things ahead of time and you will save yourself a lot of time in post processing.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Becoming an Effective Work at Home Mom

2015-New Years Resolutions Work at Home MomHappy 2015!  I have been busy drafting my New Year’s resolutions for my business.  Below are 5 Key New Year’s Resolutions I intend to keep this year. Feel free to comment and provide your input.

2015 New Year’s Resolutions for the Work at Home Mom

1. Provide Meaningful Customer Experience:  I will do everything I can to provide you content that you find insightful and helpful. If there is a topic you want more information about please contact me.  I would love to hear from you.  I will also research useful resources for launching your own business, working remotely as an independent contractor or employee of a company, and spending quality time with your children and spouse.

Should you decide to launch your own work at home business, be sure to create strategies for providing meaningful customer experience.

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I’ve been trying to do a bit of yarn playing each day.  There are a bunch of patterns that I’m excited to try, lots of new squishy yarns in my stash and I just like spending a few moments a day watching yarn transformed into something.

While I work I try to quiet my mind from the day and lose myself in what I’m creating. Depending on what and who I am making something for, I whisper positive words as I work. It sounds a little silly and crunchy granola but I’ve found that patterns which have vexed me in the past are not so taxing and I have a beautiful piece of work to share.

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As the previews for the Fox TV show Empire flashed across my screen, I dismissed it as another attempt to portray “us” as the stereotypical music business folks. I was getting my panties in a bunch, chip on shoulder, lamenting that Hollywood thinks all African-Americans do are rap and sell drugs. Closer to the series premiere, I couldn’t shake the image of Taraji P. Henson snarling “I want half my company back” as she flicked her white fur coat. Then Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” became my shower song, me belting it out to the chagrin of my sleeping family.

Watching the replay on DVR the next day, I was pleasantly surprised. Empire is not a dressed up “Tyler Perry” show (per The Mister) but a really compelling hour of soapy, guilty TV.

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How to Have the Best Year Ever


How to have the best year yet

Sleep mask Vision Board | All other photos by Tazim Damji

New Year’s resolutions: don’t you just hate them? Many people make them, and never stick to them, or make resolutions that they think they should—like a resolution to lose a certain amount of weight. I’m doing things differently this year; really focusing on what is most important to me. First, I started by creating a word for the year, and using that to guide me with my goals and intentions for the year. Along with the word of the year, I will be using several other tools in my life.

Here is my list of how Im going to have the  year ever, and how you can, too:

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