We Should All Be Like Five-Year-Olds

we should all be five-years-old

In the last 6 months, Ayva has gone to dance camp, taken swim classes, joined a soccer team, been promoted in her Bible classes, and started kindergarten. She’s learning to read, taken up drawing (a lot), and has recorded 2 videos for her YouTube series. Every morning when she wakes up, she pulls out her writing tablet to practice writing the words that she knows, or creates stories with the dozens of stuffed animals that sleep in her bed. Basically, she’s totally rocking life. …

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Not Just A Black Woman

There are a lot of reasons why I decided to go Spelman College, a historically black, woman’s college. But the surprising part is that I did so that I could not be looked at as a black woman. Well, not just a black woman. Being black and a woman is part of who I am, and I am very proud of that fact. But for so much of my life, that has been all that I am.

At Spelman, almost everyone is a black woman, so that is no longer a descriptive character trait. I have to look beyond my race and gender and look at who else I am. What else I bring to the table. I am not trying to ignore the fact that I am a black woman, I just see Spelman as a way to better find out who I am as a person.

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James’ Birth Story

The birth story of our 3rd child, James.

It was 11am. I’d stayed up until 4am the night before, just like every other night. I heard the shuffling of the family around 8am, but decided to turn over and go back to bed. Something told me to get in as much rest as I could this morning. It’s amazing how your mind and body know exactly what you need. They both knew, my body especially, that this would be the last morning I could lounge in bed without interruptions.

Once I dragged myself out of bed, I felt even more exhausted. I was rested, but my body ached, especially down in that pelvis area. During my doctor’s appointment a few days before, I wasn’t dilated but I knew my time was winding down. I shared with my doctor that I’d predicted the baby arriving August 30th. Since I knew he was a boy, that date had haunted my mind. He laughed and said “maybe so,” then sent me on my way to make next week’s appointment. As I walked through the hallway from our bedroom to the front of the house, I remembered that conversation. Then I remembered the date: August 30th.

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Renegade Homeschooling

Become a Renegade Homeschooler and take homeschooling OUTSIDE of the home!

There are lots of days when I think that I do not completely have this homeschooling thing in my grasp. The twizzlers pretty much get to do fun activities, while the ladybug is working on her printing and reading comprehension. Those days can sometimes be exhausting and cause me to want to give up for the next day or three, so we try to switch it up. I’m SO grateful for the homeschool co-op that I finally decided to connect with this year (hello fear of being judged by other homeschoolers) and we have been trying to do at least two outside activities with the group each month. Sometimes it works, other times not so much, but the ONE thing that I’m learning is it’s not going to make me a failure. 


Moving From Fear to Freedom

Moving From Fear To Freedom

Every successful person has had to deal with fear. Uncertainty and fear are obstacles that every successful person has had to overcome at some point in their journey.  They have had to make the conscious decision to take significant action to overcome obstacles they encounter.

9 Steps to Move From Fear to Freedom

These steps will enable you take that significant action:

  1. Simply decide to succeed. Sounds pretty simple and easy. The first step in your success is making a conscious decision to do so. However, once you’ve truly decided to go for your dreams, affirm to yourself that there is no other option – and no room for fear or doubt – in your mind. In fact, the word ‘decide’ means to cut yourself off from any other possibility.

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Why You Don’t Trust Yourself and What To Do About It

Why You Don't Trust Yourself. Good question! Find out more...

Go to your bosom; Knock there and ask your heart what it doth know. ~Shakespeare

How often have you promised yourself something and didn’t follow through?

Or made a decision based on your second thought when you should have gone with your first?

Perhaps, you followed the path of someone else when you knew in your heart you should have listened to your intuitionand you paid for it later.

No wonder we can’t trust ourselves!

But you know what’s crazy? When someone else promises us something and don’t follow through, we look at them side-eyed. “Untrustworthy,” we say.

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Give a Child a Shot @ Tea Parties #VaccinesWork


Think about it. Twenty bucks (20!) can provide a lifetime of vaccines for a child in another country who might die from disease otherwise. That’s four children who can now have a shot at reading a book or attending a tea party! If you’ve donated, thanks! If you haven’t, think about it?

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Take Action Now – Learn How at Industry Conferences

learn to take action now at an industry conference www.janeansesworld.com

It is magnificent to take action now and to learn how at industry conferences.
 Take action now means to start doing what needs to be done now. One of the most common reasons why people do not take action now is that they do not know how. One resource for learning to take action now industry conferences. Every industry has conferences several times a year in locations all around the country, indeed all around the world. These conferences are a great place to go to learn new techniques, strategies, players and ideas in your industry. If you have a lot to do and no idea how to get moving, an industry conference may be just the thing to give you a kick in the butt to keep moving. 

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Goals and Intentions for 9/29-10/5

I got a new leather bound journal and decided to use it to journal my weekly goals and intentions.

The way my life is set up, I must be intentional about my time, thoughts, actions and motives or else I get to the end if the week feeling drained from doing a whole lot of unfulfilling things.

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I Chose My Spouse Over My Children #family

family, your spouse, your children, prioritizies in marriage

One thing I know is this topic is a controversial topic and one that need to be discussed. Children are a blessing from God but so is your marriage. Marriage is the foundation for the home and the family. The interaction the kids will see in you and your spouse will guide them in their relationships later in life. If you are not clear about the boundaries and the function of your family, you, your spouse and the kids will experience unnecessary stress and instability in the home and in the family. Being a parent is a full-time 24 hour job. Being a spouse is also a full-time 24 hour job. Everyday these two completely different jobs will pull at you and choices has to be made.

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