It is Your Life, Take Control Of It

take control of your life


Letter From the Editor,

It is your life, take control of it. I am a big believer in accountability groups. I have one with my husband for our family life. I have one with two fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers for business things. I have one for personal things with two good friends. I have a brand new one with other women entrepreneurs that should be exciting.  It is all about taking control of my life an realizing that I do not have to do it all alone.

Take a moment now to look at your life. Make a list of things that you are struggling with and that you are not happy with in your life. Actually create a list. Get out a pen and paper or your favorite electronic device. Make a real actual list of all those things. Then next to each item write down what you are doing right now to go from unhappy to happy and satisfied. If there are any items on your list where you are not doing something right now to make things better, get on it! It is your life, you control it, so start doing something about it.

It is not easy. Last week I was not happy because I seemed to be working all the time and not having enough time to spend knitting, reading and enjoying my family.  One of my accountability partners was having a similar problem. I spent time pushing and pulling her to re-do her schedule to have time for the things she wanted in life. After we hung up, I realized I was having a fit with her but did not agree to make any of the changes myself. So after a minute of feeling like a big old bully. I looked at my life and made some changes.

I decided to go to bed by 11 pm each night instead of whenever I finished all my work. I decided to get up at 6 am and start the day with prayer, thought and planning instead of rushing into the day. It has been a week now and life is better. I go to bed and feel good about going. I wake up feeling rested and ready to roll. On the weekend I did no work. I simply enjoyed time with myself and my family.  I even started a new knitting project I am excited about.


take control of your life


In other words, I stopped complaining about how I work too much and don’t spend time with my family and simply started sleeping, spending time with my family and enjoying set work hours. It may seem like a small thing to some. But for me, it was a big deal. It is a game-changing type of deal. More importantly, I took control of my life and instead of continuing to complain, I made some changes in order to make my life better.

I encourage you to take time today to make your life better. It is yours, take control of it. Pull out that list and start doing what needs to be done so you can live the life you want.

Pushing forward. . .  always forward,


#TrueFriends is Something I Like as Much as Books


Imagine being an author and getting to write books. Good right? So now imagine if you have 3 other friends who also write books for kids. Pretty awesome, right?

Well that’s what happened to Kirby Larson, Susan Hill Long, Augusta Scattergood, and Barbara O’Connor. Before I go on I MUST change my name to Scattergood, it is so UNCONVENTIONAL!! Anyway, these four author friends have written for books about friends. That’s so meta. And you know we librarians love meta.

And books. And friends.

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You Are a Role Model

Pushing Lovely

Letter from the Editor,

Last night I was having hangout with my business accountability partners.Twin Z was acting up and I told her to stop because she didn’t want the ladies to know she was a nut. Her response, “I’m your daughter, they already know I am a nut.”Everyone on the call laughed. I was embarrassed. Later I thought about what she said. What she was actually saying was, “Mom, your friends know you, they know the apples don’t fall far from the trees. If I am a nut it is because you are a nut and you taught me to be a nut.”

Think about that. What is your behavior showing the world about you? What is your behavior showing your children? You are a role model. Like it or not, want it or not. People are watching you and modeling themselves after you.

I am a big texter. As part of my morning routine, I send out text messages to friends encouraging them,  inspiring them and motivating them to do whatever it is they need/want to do. I don’t expect anything in return. I simply want to be of service to my friends.  Yesterday, a friend sent me the following text and it made me cry.

Good morning beautiful friend! I want to send you some encouraging words today. I know that your path may not be the way that you planned it all those years ago when you finished up law school, but it’s more exciting this way. You are creating a life that your daughters and your son can look at and be proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself as well. Thank you so much for always being there to support me, and I pray that you let me do the same for you!

I cried happy tears. I NEEDED her words. They made me feel good like medicine would. How did she know I needed those words? How did she see into my heart? The answer is she didn’t. But she did see me encourage her and expect nothing in return. She did see me always try to help others. I was an example to this smart, kind, wonderful woman and she shared her precious words with me. This is a woman I admire, respect and am honored to have as a friend. Her reaching out and sharing with me was a bigger treasure than she will ever know.

You are a role model. You are a role model to people seen and unseen. You are a role model to women you admire, respect and try to copy. You are a role model to women you don’t know.  It is a big deal. Don’t run from it.  Grab the title role model and do something great with it.

Pushing forward. . . always forward,


Loaded Breakfast Potatoes

Loaded Breakfast Potatoes

Let me tell you about these loaded breakfast potatoes. H-E-A-V-E-N.

If you love breakfast as much as I do, you know the importance of perfectly cooked potatoes. They’re seriously the perfect side dish for many breakfast foods, whether you’re having easy scrambled eggs with some sausage on the side side, or a filling breakfast burrito.

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Making The Most of Your Online Communities

Online Community Protocol: Making the Most of Your Facebook Groups

The nitty gritty of this article are specific actions to take to make the most out of your online communities – especially Facebook groups which are very popular and can cultivate wonderful collaborations.

As the popularity of Facebook groups grew, groups began popping up about anything and everything. And that is fantastic. I love that I can join groups and connect with people that are passionate about my many different interests and ideas – from entrepreneurs, bloggers, motherhood, direct sales and even quick and easy meal ideas for busy families. It’s awesome, I know!

Side Note: Please do not automatically add people to your groups. Send them a quick note or invite and give them the option to join or request that you add them. It is a pet peeve of many.

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Five Business Books You Should Totally Read Today

As a librarian, I’m all about reading books. And while I LOVE young adult books and books containing dragons, I also love a good business book. You’re never too old to learn and the business world is constantly changing; it’s best to keep on top of what’s going on. After all, if we didn’t I still might be typing this post on a 486, right? If you don’t know what a 486 is, ask your Gram and read an EXTRA business book.

While I don’t read business books exclusively, when I do pick one up I need a book that won’t waste my time, isn’t too full of wordy business mumbo jumbo that I don’t understand, and that isn’t designed for me. I thought you might need that information too.

Five Business Books You Should Totally Read Today

Following are  five business books you should totally read today.

  1. The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

This is the book that started the whole 10,000 hours belief. I believe there is some truth in it. In the book you’ll find out why The Beatles were so important and why Canadians dominate in hockey. I strive to read 10,000 hours worth of books in my life. So if you believe the 10,000 rule then if I read for 24 hours straight, after just a little more than a year I would have accomplished 10,000 hours of reading. I better get started.

2. Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath

This is a short book that lets you hone in on your intrinsic skills. To be sure, there are many books out there, ones that you might be more familiar with. I like Strengthsfinder because it’s short and the results seemed to get right to the heart of the things I was good at. For example, I like to learn and use my brain, so at least two of my results involved learning and education. I’m an input learner intellection achiever futuristic. This information helps me pinpoint what kinds of jobs I thrive in (like teaching).

3. Rock Your Business: What You and Your Company Can Learn from the Business of Rock and Roll by David Fishof

Believe it or not, this was a great read. I listened on audio. TWICE. Fishof is a guy who didn’t finish college but became super successful with a Beatles reunion tour and most recently Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. His advice on marketing, bartering for services, and using the success tips of famous musicians helped make himself successful. Proof that you can learn from anyone. And also? I want to go to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp!

4.  Becoming Beyonce, The Untold Story by Randy Taraborelli; or any biography by an athlete.

The reason I can’t get any more specific about athletes is because I haven’t chosen an athlete yet. But I know from watching the Olympics that many of them have stamina and determination like you and I just don’t have. It’s all a mind game and you have to learn to talk over that little voice that tells you you can’t do something.  I enjoyed Beyonce’s biography because even though it delved too much into her family drama, it showed that little Beyonce had a strong desire to succeed from an early age, like 11 years old. Beyonce was not afraid to put in the long long long hours to make herself exceptional. What were you doing at age 11? Me? I was reading Harriet the Spy and pretending Barbie and her friends were going to the mall in her pink convertible. Learn from those who succeed.

5.  To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel Pink

I’ve been trying to get through this book for years. It’s not that it’s a bad book. It’s quite good. But there’s so much information in it that applies that I need to ingest it like a slow Thanksgiving meal. I’m not naturally a salesperson, but as an introvert, I’ve learned that I have a particular skill that is helpful in selling. The non sell of selling, if you will. It’s a thing, really!

People don’t want to be sold to anymore and I think that’s the crux of the book. Change your perspective and look to meet your customer’s needs, not plot how you can sell them something. I mean, how many times have you entered a store looking for a toaster oven and the salespeople try to sell you a whole oven? Besides, there are some tidbits in this book that are helpful in other areas of your life, because talking to people is really about selling: your ideas, your lifestyle, your choice of dinner locations, when to go to bed, etc.

Have you read any of these books? What business book would you add to this list?


Make a Choice to Take Action Now – Even on the Go

Make a Choice to Take Action Now: Even on the Go

When the women I talk to tell me their hopes, dreams and plans their eyes light up, they smile and are full of excitement. I am a woman who believes that every working mom can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration and motivation so helping women get this reaction thrills me. I find a great deal of satisfaction and joy in helping women achieve what they hope, dream and plan. But, often a problem arises. That light and excitement quickly disappears when I ask them what they are doing to make their dreams reality. The light and excitement disappear because the excuses start to flow. They tell me they cannot start a new business now because:

  • they are too busy on a project at work and will start as soon as it is done
  • their children demand too much attention so it is not a good time to do something new
  • their husbands don’t want them to be in business “right now”
  • they don’t have the experience they need to make a go of it
  • they are afraid to do something new

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Sometimes You Are Great – Celebrate That

 make your best better Janeane's World

Letter from the editor,

Sometimes you think you are a good at something and you are actually great! That is a thing  to celebrate and enjoy. When it happens, stand up tall and claim the confidence you deserve.

Sometimes, you just hit it out of the park and are great.

Over the weekend, I attended a conference with bloggers and business owners from all over the country. During one of the sessions, the speaker asked volunteers to share their elevat pitches. I was the first volunteer and gave my elevator pitch. I said it loudly and with pride.


“Hello, I am Janeane Davis and I believe every working mom can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration and motivation and that is why I created the blog Janeane’s World.”



The audience at the conference loved it. Members of the audience said it was good, that I should drop the mic and do a presentation on elevator pitches at the conference next year. In addition, no one else wanted to share their elevator pitch after hearing mine. They thought they couldn’t follow my opening. I called the experience a major personal win.


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I always thought my elevator pitch was good. Now I think it is great. I am now standing tall, proclaiming that greatness and enjoying it. There is something wonderful about being great in the eyes of your peers. All too often when a woman makes the discovery that she is great she reacts with self-deprecating humor, plays down her greatness  or points out her faults. All of these things are a mistake. All these things diminish you in the eyes of those who recognized you as great. This does not make you look likable or humble. What those things do is make you look as if you are undeserving of the title “great.” It gives the impression that perhaps people who thought you were great are mistaken and that instead, you are merely normal, average or unremarkable.


What to do when you discover you are great at something  – Accept it and Make Your Best Better


The next time someone tells you that you are great at something or that you are good at something, start with a simple response. “Thank you”  works quite well. When I get great compliments where I am told I did a  great job at something, the church girl in me comes out. I say something along the lines of  “Thank you for thinking I did a great job. I am blessed to be able to do things like that exceedingly well.” This answer shows  my appreciation for the compliment and shows my belief that all gifts come from above.

Don’t use my response. Instead, craft one of your own. First, say thank you. A compliment is a gift and when it is given you should say thank you and show some appreciation for the gift. Second, there doesn’t have to be a part two to your response.  “Thank you” is a phrase that can stand all on its own. If you choose to say something other than thank you, make sure it does not take away from the compliment or make the person who called you great doubt your greatness.

 When you are told you are great, enjoy the compliment, then work to make your best better. Keep in mind that you can always work to make your best better. No matter where or what you are great at, get more experience, more practice or more education so you can make your best better.

Today, I am enjoying the delicious moment of killing it the world of elevator pitching. Take time and find an area where you are great and enjoy the moment.

Pushing Forward . . . Always Forward


Beggars CAN Be Choosers so Ask for What You Want




Letter from the Editor,

Almost everyone has heard the expression, “Beggars can’t be choosers.” I have never believed that expression. I have always felt that if I was going to beg, I would beg for what I want! If you are a person who wants thing – relationships, business opportunities, of jobs stop settling for what other people give you. Take time today to start asking for what you want.

I have a few friends who never tell their husbands what gifts they actually want for big holiday celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. The leave cryptic hints or say that their husbands should know exactly what they want. Year after year they are disappointed when they open their gifts. I do things differently. If I want my husband to buy me a particular item as a gift, I skip all the hints;, magazine articles and catalogs left out for him to find. Instead, I simply tell him what I want and ask him to get it. He gets it and no fuss, no muss, we are all happy.

Take time today to look at your life. Are you settling for whatever you can get from your family, friends, spouse and others? When you do, do you always get what you want? Or are you disappointed with what you receive? When you are disappointed do you then feel bad, sad and let down by those around you? If this describes how you handle situations in your life, stop complaining. Instead, do something else. Stop settling for what other people give you and instead, ask for what you want.

Pushing forward, always forward,


The Importance of A Support System

This article, “The Importance of a Support System” was originally published on Divas With A Purpose.

Early in my entrepreneurial journey I realized the importance of having a strong support system. It’s essential. Honestly, I believe it is critical to my success and overall well-being and growth.

Your support can come from many different areas at the same time – family, friends, professional groups, face-to-face, and, even, virtually.

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The Importance of A Support System

How to develop a strong support system

Here’s the thing, a strong support system does not happen overnight. It takes time to develop relationships, build trust and determine the roles that others will have in your life. Personally, I believe it is important not to rush into any type of relationship that is meant to help nurture, support and build you up.

As you focus on building your support system, there will be people that are a great fit and others that are not quite so. Do not feel as though you have to keep people or groups in your space out of a sense of security, honor or loyalty. Different people come into our lives for different reasons and seasons. As you are growing you will be able to identify the signs that if it is time to move forward without them.

The biggest sign? When you feel that there is consistently more give than take or you constantly feel drained and / or unproductive in their presence.

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The Importance of A Support System

3 Reasons You Need A Strong Support System

1 – Accountability. Your support system should keep you focused on and accountable to the goals you have set up for your personal and professional life. Your support system helps to keep you focused and consistent with your actions. Also, they can help you with prioritizing your tasks to ensure you are maximizing your time and energy.

2 – Strength in Numbers. You should gather support, strength and knowledge from your support system. They are there to do just that – support you. If no one else shows up, representatives from your support system should be there to cheer you on and let you know how amazing you are. Remember, it is a two-way street. Just as they show up for you, you should be willing and able to do the same for them when the need arises.

3 – Challenges aren’t as challenging. – Having a strong support system helps you face challenges with your own personal cheering section that’s there to give you an emotional and mental boost, but, also, to help you along the way. You can tap into their previous experiences and knowledge along the way. They can help you create smaller, more manageable action steps and be available to talk out your short and long-term goals.

A few parts of my strong support system

Online communities are a huge part of my support system. Early in my entrepreneurial journey, I was working a full-time job that demanded 50-60 hours of my week and had 3 young children. It was virtually impossible for me to leave my home for face-to-face trainings and networking opportunities.

The women of Pushing Lovely are amazing! I have been a part of their community for a few years and they’ve become a true sisterhood. We’ve supported one another in our personal and professional lives. They are usually one of the first groups I turn to for emotional support and when I have great news to celebrate within my business.

I am the Community Manager for Courage to Earn – a community of brave digital entrepreneurs that are dedicated to supporting and connecting with one another to be courageous earners in our businesses. I love this group of women. Founded by Brandi Riley, I am consistently getting inspired, educated and finding ways to expand my platform as a blogger and entrepreneur.

The PeriGirls. This group is very near and dear to my heart. It is a community of over 11,000 women who are focused on live broadcasting – specifically Periscope. There are so many opportunities to get involved within the community. You have the opportunity to provide and ask for support and surround yourself with positive, uplifting and upbeat women. The members genuinely want everyone to succeed in their own rights. If you follow me on Periscope, you have heard me talk about this community on numerous occasions. They are just that awesome.


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