This Week in Black History: Lovely Round-Up

February is Black History Month and during the month we will be sharing a round-up of posts created by the writers and contributors of Pushing Lovely.

Week one finds a mixture of amazing articles designed to entertain and educate.



From our editor, Janeane Davis, who was featured on the site SheKnows:  Why teaching black history should not be limited to Black History Month

On Janeane’s site, Janeane’s World, she is sharing poetry (!) and among the featured poems is Langston Hughes Mother to Son.

Heather Hopson shares a terrific resource of Black Mom Bloggers on her site, Diary of  First Time Mom. #BlackHistoryMonth Black Mom Bloggers 

Heather didn’t forget the little learners and gives tips for 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Black History Month With Kids

Joyce Brewer shares Family-Friendly Black History Month Movies & $100 Netflix Gift Card on her site Mommy Talk Show.

Pam Brown Margolis, An Unconventional Librarian, shared some books to add to your reading list.  Discover Your Next Read, Discover Black History Month and Discover Black History Month with Shakespeare.

Michelle D. Johnson Garrett, owner of Divas With A Purpose, is  sharing a #BlackHERStory fact on the Divas With A Purpose’s Facebook page. Here’s a link to one that she did earlier this week on Dr. Gloria Scott:


Visit our lovelies and read their words. Black History is as rich and diverse as our contributors and we’ve given you some wonderful information coming to you this month.


How to Stay Connected with Your Business When Your Passion Dies

How to Stay Connected with Your Business When Your Passion Dies

Remember how excited you felt, when you finally had a great mompreneur business idea? You did the market research. You launched your product/service. Made business cards. Watched sales come in. Created a business blog. Created social media accounts for your business.  All this in between taking care of your child. You gladly sacrificed sleep to work feverishly on your work at home business, staying up late and waking up early to get work done while your child slept.

Then a setback happened, or in the evenings you continually felt exhausted.  The passion you once felt no longer energizes you. Perhaps you tell yourself you should throw in the towel, put your child in daycare, and go back to work.

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The Gratitude Journal Challenge

The Gratitude Journal Challenge

Do you have a journal? Have you ever taken a gratitude journal challenge? What is it you ask? You take a journal and write down what you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s not a challenge for you though. I used to write in my gratitude journal on a daily basis for years …many moons ago. Then one day I stopped. I think it was because I was seeing such great results from writing in the gratitude journal.

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5 Key Ways to Get your Ideas off the Ground

You’ve got the ideas. Now make ’em happen.

If you’re like me, you have no shortage of ideas floating around in your head. How many of those ideas do you actually end up acting on/making happen? Maybe it’s shiny object syndrome, or. . .”squirrel!” Whatever it is, it’s time now to start moving forward on some of your ideas. Here are five key ways to get your ideas off the ground:

1. Write down all your ideas

To clear up some mental space, write down all your ideas on one big list. If you have lots of ideas, use something like poster board so that you can look at all of them at once. Keep adding to your list as you go.

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black history month and your place


Letter from the Editor,

All across the United States, people are starting Black History Month celebrations and recognitions. When thinking of Black History Month, always reminded that history is written by the victors. In addition, when writing history, the story of those with might always outweighs the stories of those that are right. We will not discuss why we only hear about blacks in history during the month of February. That discussion will be saved for another day.

One of the best things about modern life is the fact that technology enables all of us to create history and to chronicle it as it occurs. When events happen, we can pick up our telephones and Tweet about it, create a Facebook status or share a photo on Instagram. We no longer have to depend on mainstream media to report our stories, we can do it ourselves. We can tell the stories that those with might may not want the world to hear. Those who are right, now have a voice and can be heard, recognized and appreciated.

Throughout the month of February, you will hear black history facts reported on news reports, on PSAs (public service announcements) and all over social media. When you see these nuggets of information, pay attention, learn what you can and when possible, seek more information and learn all you can. At the same time, think about your own history. Just as today, we learn about many people during black history month, it is possible people will be learning about you and studying you in the future. When people tell the story of your life, what do you want them to say? What strengths and weaknesses do you want the world to remember you possessed?

If you are like most people, you think about your legacy from time to time. You think about what parts of you will survive once you are dead and gone. It is important for you to remember that you have it in your power to make that legacy big, great and worthy of future study. You have the ability to be the kind of person people remember and make a hero of long after they have passed. Think about the legacy you want to leave and then live a life to make yourself worthy of future study.

Take a moment now and look at your life objectively and ask yourself two questions. First, what about you is worthy of study by future generations? Second, what about you should others seek to copy? Are you satisfied with the answers to these two questions? If yes, excellent, keep doing what you are doing. If you are not satisfied with the answers to the two questions start making moves now to change those answers. Keep in mind that Black History Month, is more than just a time to study history, it is also a call to action to do better today in order to be worthy of remembering in the future.

Pushing forward . . . always forward,


Beer Battered Fried Chicken Wings

Are you preparing for the big game next weekend? Fellow Pushing Lovely Writer, Dawn has some scrumptious recipes to help you out.

Mama Harris’ Kitchen’s Beer Battered Fried Chicken Wings

During the month of October my good friend Mandi from Chewsy Lovers and I got together to bring you a month of wings every week. This was actually something that began last year, and was so well received we decided to bring it back again for football season. Now that October has come and gone and we’ve got quite the arsenal of wing recipes, I thought I’d come back in Mid-November with a little encore recipe to share with you. I might do this every so often, these wing recipes are hard to resist!

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Why Do You Write?


Why Do Your Write

How do you decide on your writing topics? For some it’s to solve a problem or answer a question for their community. Others write as a way to alleviate stress or navigate through trying times. No matter your reason for writing, here at Pushing Lovely we encourage and support you on your writing journey.

Below the women of Pushing Lovely share why they write about the topics they do:

Encouragement, Inspiration and Motivation

I believe every working mom can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration and motivation. That is why I created the blog Janeane’s World and it is why I work every day to create articles and resources designed to encourage, inspire and motivate women to be their best at work and home. ~ Janeane Davis

Entrepreneurial Resources

My articles are resources for entrepreneurs to develop their business and personal identity and experience through graphic design, branding education, and service design. This will enable them to now successfully connect with their desired customer and niche. ~ Caroll Atkin, Caroll Atkins Creatives

Provide Resources for Work-At-Home Mothers

I started Aspiring Mompreneur because my desire is to help moms who want to work from home so that they can spend as much time as possible with their babies and toddlers. My goal is to present all the possible work at home options for moms to choose the one that is the best fit. ~ Irene Krasnoff

Motherhood, Work, and Self-Care

As Told by V is a lifestyle website for millennial women that focuses on motherhood, work, and self-care. I write on ATbV because I want it all and more importantly, I believe I can have it all. My goal for ATbV is to create a safe place where other ambitious women who feel the same can find comfort in saying, “I love my family, I love my work, and I love me. Unapologetically. ~ Vaneese Morris

Share Diverse Books

Have you ever thought: There are so many books out there but I can’t find a book with diverse characters. What do I do?
I can help you with that. I’m Pam Brown Margolis and it’s my passion to read children’s books. I realized that few mainstream books contain diverse and multicultural characters. I decided to help others hunt for books containing diversity. If you’re ready to discover great books for people of all kind, stick around.
I Volunteer. To read diversity.
~ Pam Brown Margolis, An Unconventional Librarian

Motherhood: From Personal Story to Resource For Others

Mama Knows It All was created as a way for me to share my personal story. Through it I discovered an amazing community that sowed into me and into each other. I write on it to be a resource to other women, and to keep myself accountable as a mother, a wife, and a woman. ~ Brandi Riley

Support For Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors & Loved Ones

Breast cancer is a well-known disease but being diagnosed and going through treatment can be very isolating and lonely. My Fabulous Boobies started as a way to chronicle one sister’s story through breast cancer. A lot is said about researching for a cure and assisting women through treatment, but not a lot is said about surviving. What happens after it’s over? I am Nicole McLean and I write to help other women (and the people who love them) to know that they are not alone in their illness, and that picking up the pieces of your life after breast cancer is possible. I want to help other survivors know that they’re not alone, they don’t have to be superwoman and they can have the life that they want. ~ Nicole McLean

Motherhood and Marriage: Motivation for Women

BernettaStyle is a website the celebrates Motherhood & Marriage in addition to Motivating women to follow their dreams. My goal is to write stories & articles that women can relate to and learn from. Through this blogging journey, I’ve learned that many women experience similar things and it’s comforting to know we’re not alone. ~ Bernetta Jackson-Knight

Why do YOU write?


Make the Choice to Live Well Now

Living well is a choice. Today you can make a choice to live well in all areas of your life. This space was created to help people live better now in all areas of their lives. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, financial and mental. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to live better, you can start today, where you are right now.

Start where you are today and move towards where you want to be.

I am a busy woman with a lot of things on her plate. I am a wife of 25 years and a mother of four children ages 19, 12, 8 and 8. Over the course of time, I have gone from being a track star who ran the two-mile relay, the 1600 and cross-country to a woman who does not run and wants to get back into good physical shape. I have begun a journey to get into good physical condition. I will share that journey with you in the hopes that if you need it, you will start a journey of your own.

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Team Work Makes The Dream Work – Be a Good Team Member

be a good team member
Photo courtesy of CreateHer Stock Images

Letter from the Editor,

We all have heard the saying, “team work makes the dream work.” It is a common saying in any group where people are required to work together. The importance of being part of a team, of not having to do things all alone is emphasized in sports, business and even in families. At the same time, there is shockingly little information on how important it is for a person to be a good team member. In order to be a good team member, you must:

  • be reliable
  • keep your word
  • be dependable
  • do jobs completely and correctly the first time around
  • be innovative
  • think creatively
  • be able to objectively analyze situations

When you talk with your team – co-workers, family members, accountability group partners, etc., do they take you at your word? Are you thought of as a valuable member of the team? Or, are you the person everyone is wary of, the person people hope will do her part, but no one actually knows?

If you are a valued team member, good for you Keep up the good work. If you are not a valued and good team member, make chnges starting today. Today is the start of the rest of your life, you can make it whatyou want it to be. If you have not been a good team member in the past, talk to your team honestly. Let them know that you know you came up short in the past. Apologize for not being all you should have been. Then let your team know that you want to do better in the future, that you will do better in the future. Then, keep your word, do better, be better. Team work makes the dream work, so start being a dream player on the team.

Pushing forward . . . always forward,


Lingerie Shopping: Taking Back My Femininity and My Someday

For a weekend where I really didn’t do much… it turned out to be somewhat eventful. I felt really happy on Friday when I left work. I was planning to meet a couple of friends for drinks, and hopeful that I would see another friend later in the evening. I had been pondering and wondering whether or not I was ready to be fitted for a new bra.

I decided that I was ready. The swelling has gone down significantly on my breasts from the surgery and I thought that purchasing something really nice — while getting fitted properly — would kick off my weekend in a great way.

I scooted out of work with enough time to stop by this uber-chic European lingerie store downtown. I’ve been there before but I’ve never ever purchased anything there. In the past, it was primarily because they didn’t carry my size. (The sales lady told me that once with sort of a sneer on her face… ahhh… don’t you just love being snubbed when you want to spend your money?) But also because the prices are … well devastatingly outrageous.

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