Salami and Veggies Grilled Cheese Sandwich

 April 12th was National Grilled Cheese Day, but the party isn’t only contained for that day alone, it’s grilled cheese time all month long! Now let me tell you a little something about sandwiches in this house. My husband loves his sandwiches. He will have my breakfast sandwich, peanut butter and jelly, cold cuts and cheese, tuna, anything really. He loves his sandwiches. This has trickled down to the kids and I can’t even begin to tell you how many PB&J’s they could live on if I didn’t do anything to stop them. Me? I’m not much into cold sandwiches. I prefer my sandwiches lightly toasted, or grilled to perfection in a frying pan on the stove-top. YES!!

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What Keeps You Motivated As An Encorepreneur?

Patricia Patton • What Keeps You Motivated As An Encorepreneur?


I participated in aTwitter chat using the #EncoreChat hashtag hosted by Judi Bonilla targeting   female entrepreneurs, 50+ . These were the questions I was asked along with my 140 character response (s) on twitter. Each line is a response.

Judi: Welcome! This afternoon’s #EncoreChat is with Patricia Patton @BoomerWiz writer, publisher, and reinvention strategist.

Hello everyone.

Patricia : Thank you for the invite Judi.

Question: How would you describe yourself

I would also refer to myself as a self-made woman who finally embraced her what’s next.

I pushed past my fear to trust that I could provide services that both individuals and organizations would pay for because of their need and the ROI

I create playbooks to help individuals identify their platform and create strategies that reshape their future & express a deeper dimensions of the self.

I help non profits in transition reinvent their social strategy and messaging in order to reach wider segments of their targeted population.

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Sharelle Lowery, getting your ish together

Identifying your ISH isn’t always easy…at least not always to you.

I was taking a much needed break from work, my real work, not the party that have when I am writing online…but my career…I was taking a break for a few moments and I saw that a chronic business starter had now opened an Instagram.

I just kinda shook my head and thought, “Thank GOD for his trust fund.”  I’m sure that his wife and children are probably grateful for it as well.

It made me reflect on my life and how it good it feels for me to be getting my own ISH together.

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14 Chapter Books That Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage

Thien Kim Lam celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! That means I can eat even more Asian food! Kidding aside, I wanted to create a list of chapter books that celebrate Asian Pacific American heritage. I’ve already created a list of APA Heritage picture books, so why not early and middle grade chapter books? These books run the gamut. They recall Asian Americans’ rocky past in the United States and celebrate how we’ve integrated our Asian traditions with our American culture.

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Envy: What a Wast of Time!

Welcome back to what’s become “Midlife Monday” when I tackle my Figuring Out 40 Journey. Some things I’ve mastered by age 40, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. Envy is of the things I’m working. Especially when I feel it creeping up within myself or when I see sentiments of it online. Do you believe envy is a complete and utter waste of time? Or is there anything redeeming about wanting what someone else already has? Keep reading for some quotes about envy and solutions on how to say farewell to the “green eyed monster” because it’s not getting you anywhere.


If you feel yourself feeling envious, take a break from social media. Thanks to Facebook we know what our friends are having for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as every invitation and gift they receive. But imagine the freedom you’ll feel if you take a digital diet. Delete some apps for a few days, turn off your social media alerts and take a look at what’s really important – your family.


Wanda Thomas Mother's Day Gifts


This post is intended just for the Men, so if you are a woman feel free to forward it the special guy in your life!

Men,  Mothers Day is coming up,  I know that being a great dad is a really tough job so the idea of treking down to the mall and  trying to tell the different between A MAC make up set and MAC truck is just crazy. I would never expect my husband to do ever attempt such a task.. But never the less you do have to provide a gift for her. Not only is she your wife, she is the only person in your relationship who can push something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon and still walk the within an hour ! And that my dear is reason enough to warrant a gift.

As a photographer I hear the same thing in my consultations with the WIVES, MY husband is going to be the hardest one to corale for this session.  My husband hates getting his picture taken.

As a wife and mother I truly understand the stress we place on you for this Event. Photography outlives us, is captures a moment when we are young, beautiful, happy, playful, loving, and alive with a spirit of anything is possible.And for us moms  want to fill our homes with THOSE  memories and that’s why Family Portraits are so  important to us.

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What Most Women Want: Flexible Work Schedule

Irene Krasnoff flexible work schedule

In honor of National Women’s History month and International Women’s Day which occurred Sunday March 8th, I decided to write about the disconnect between the workplace and what most women need: a flexible work schedule.

Studies show that alternate work schedules lead to greater productivity, improvements in employee engagement, improvements in staff retention, and highly motivated employees. While some employers have taken the leap of faith through provision of flexible work schedules, some even allowing their employees to work at home, others are still skittish. Case in point. A couple of years ago, I signed up with a marketing placement agency. Almost everyday I receive notifications of available marketing communications opportunities, including editing and content creation. It can all be done from the home, yet the client wants the prospective temporary employee to work at the office. What if you are a mom of pre-school or school aged children? Going to work at the office presents challenges especially when the unexpected child related emergencies occur. Some women are very happy working at an office and managing emergencies. Others would rather work from home.

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Give Me 3 Weeks And You Will Use Twitter Like A Pro

learn twitter

Are you intimidated by Twitter? There is no need to be. I knew my friend Mark, an insurance sales person, was not alone when he emailed me asking for help on using Twitter.

In fact, I was scared of Twitter myself. Until, I learned the ropes and messed up along the way.

Now, there is a Twitter 101 course for those of you who have a business, ministry or brand and are intimidated by the use of Twitter in your social media strategy. You don’t have to make the same mistakes as I did.

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How I Failed at Making Classic Vegan Mac N’ Cheese

mac and cheese


Mac n’ cheese. It’s pretty much the quintessential quick-and-easy food memory from childhood—am I right? I learned to make mac n’ cheese by myself from a pretty young age. That was great, because I liked it a certain way—a little runny, well-cooked, but not mushy, and with plenty of black pepper on top. Oh, and I had to have the packaged mac n’ cheese.

I know some people like using real cheese or slices of processed cheese, but those weren’t for me. Other than the type and variety of cheese to use, there’s also a bit of contention when it comes to pasta shape—I mean, it’s called “mac n’ cheese” so, it should be obvious that one should use macaroni, right? But, Kraft brand Macaroni and Cheese Spirals?? Oh my god! I loved that stuff! The texture was awesome and I felt like the shape of the pasta cooked up really well. Some people use shells or other kinds of pasta, too. To each their own. . .

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