19 Cinderella Stories From Around the World



Since she was a toddler, the story of Cinderella has been my daughter’s favorite fairy tale. Most of the us are familiar with the classic Disney retelling of the tale, but did you know one of the very first Cinderella stories is the Chinese folk tale? I personally grew up with Vietnamese’s Tam Cam, who befriended a magical fish.

Some of these multicultural Cinderellas played a much more active role in her destiny and will empower your daughters to take control of their own lives. Here’s a few Cinderella stories from around the world to read with your kids.

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Am I Bougie Because I Want a Maid?


I want a maid.  I want somebody that will come into my home on a weekly basis and clean it like it’s never been cleaned before.  I want this person to wipe down the walls, dust the bookcases, push the sofa over and clean under it too.  I want them to make the bathrooms spotless and make sure that the shower doors shine.  I want them to wipe down our electronics and clean the eyes on the stove.  I want to pay them fairly and have them come back next week to do it all over again.

I know that since we’re saving money and working hard to build a nice, little nest egg, I shouldn’t be pining over hiring some maid.  Not to mention the fact that even uttering the words, “I want a maid” and meaning it, would probably make my mama backhand me for being “lazy.”  But I can’t help it–I want a maid.  There is not a bone in my body that enjoys housework.  I will break it and/or build it, but I will not clean it.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard the word “domestic” in a sentence with my name unless the words, “she is not” came before it.  Sure, I keep my home decent and there are some things that I don’t mind doing, but for the most part, cleaning makes me feel unbothered about it.  Does that make me bougie?

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Growing up, my family didn’t really do anything special on St. Patrick’s Day. I can’t remember any special meals being cooked, we ate what we always ate: beans & rice! I do recall being pinched by my classmates at school if I forgot to wear green though!

Now that I’m the Mom, we do things a little bit differently. I want my children to look back on their childhood and remember family celebrations and traditions. Life is precious and I am thankful for every chance I get to celebrate it! Children grow up so quickly; it’s my job as a parent to make sure they enjoy their childhood.

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What Most Women Want: Flexible Work Schedule



In honor of National Women’s History month and International Women’s Day which occurred Sunday March 8th, I decided to write about the disconnect between the workplace and what most women need: a flexible work schedule.

Studies show that alternate work schedules lead to greater productivity, improvements in employee engagement, improvements in staff retention, and highly motivated employees. While some employers have taken the leap of faith through provision of flexible work schedules, some even allowing their employees to work at home, others are still skittish. Case in point. A couple of years ago, I signed up with a marketing placement agency. Almost everyday I receive notifications of available marketing communications opportunities, including editing and content creation. It can all be done from the home, yet the client wants the prospective temporary employee to work at the office. What if you are a mom of pre-school or school aged children? Going to work at the office presents challenges especially when the unexpected child related emergencies occur. Some women are very happy working at an office and managing emergencies. Others would rather work from home.

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A Quick Sunday Night Five(ish) Minutes



I kept putting off doing a five(ish) minute brain dump because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. I’m in the weird place where some things are complete, some other things haven’t started and I am procrastinating my ass off for the things I am doing because that is my norm and sometimes it gets like that.

I keep thinking that I need to be doing something but what that something is…I dunno. I feel like I have a great opportunity and I am not using it to my full advantage. Then I get upset with myself for getting upset and nothing gets done.

Here are random thoughts:
The Bee is fifteen. What the ham fat?! Who thought her growing up was a good idea?!

I need to catch up on The Walking Dead. I’ve missed like two seasons and am way behind on the comics.

Someone graffitied all over my family room at work last week. People suck monkey balls.

Empire is doing a very good job addressing mental illness in the Black community. As a person who suffers from depression I totally get the stigma that comes with being Black and admitting that something just ain’t right.

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Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone




Inspired by the ladies of ESL class, I have a list of places I plan to visit once I hit the lottery, marry a millionaire, or (realistically) save my pennies. According to Barbara Foster, “…there are risky places and bad types out there. But with the right precautions, women can travel solo with confidence, visiting the places and meeting the people they always dreamed of and returning home with wonderful stories and memories.”

Foster speaks from experience. Her travels have taken her across the country and around the world, with stops in Istanbul, Bombay, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem and other locales.

As an adventurer, Foster is something of a contradiction. She describes herself as a librarian who has difficulty reading flight schedules, and suspects a haggling merchant in an Arab bazaar would view her as easy pickings.

He would be mistaken.

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3 Things that Make me Feel Lucky



Beyond having the basics—food, shelter and clothing—I feel so lucky to have things in my life take things to the next level. It’s so easy to focus on the things that aren’t going so well, and maybe dwell on them a bit. When I find myself in a negative state of mind, it really helps to think about the things and people I’m grateful for. It doesn’t take long to turn things around when I start thinking about these (and others:

  1. Good friends

    I’ve never been one to want tons of friends—just a few really good ones. It’s the first time I really feel like I have that. To be able to make spontaneous plans to meet up with a good friend and go for a walk and enjoy a day off feels pretty lucky to me.

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I Don’t Know How To Play With My 5-Year-Old


The other day, Ayva said to me, “Mom, why don’t you ever play with me?”.

I reminded her about all of the things that we do together, shopping, cooking, reading books, but she wouldn’t let up.

“No, Mom. I mean, like playing. In my room. You never play with me.”

Ayva was right. I don’t ever really take the time to go into her room, get on the floor and just hang out with her. When I was a new mom, there was always someone around to give me advice on things to do with my baby girl. Tummy time! Read lots of books! No screens! Even as she got older, they still had feedback for me. Sensory tables! Playgrounds! NO screens! Now that she’s 5, though, all of the parenting experts have exited the building and I’m on my own to figure out how to play with my kindergartener. I’m not talking about cooking with her, or making crafts, or any of the other pinterest inspired ideas of ways to spend time together. I’m talking about straight up, no holds barred play that she’s asking for.

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Act Your Wage | 30 Days of Financial Affirmations


There’s this trend going around where we feel that we have to buy what we can’t afford. Or, even worse, we purchase items that are out of our budget, and then catch ourselves “making room in the budget” for it after the fact. No. Just, no.

When we do these things, we are abusing our money. We using it for things that we aren’t supposed to, and we’re being frivolous with the value of our funds. Forget acting our age. We need to act our WAGE.

Yes, act like you have some sense (or dollars and cents). The biggest part of appreciating what we already have when it comes to finances is using it appropriately. If you can’t afford new items for your business, because all of that business money isn’t in, then wait. Act your current wage.

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