Possibly Losing My Mom, I Am Still Just Not Ready

My Mom had a health scare recently and it was back to the hospital, doctors visits, nurses, constant back and forth, sleepless nights, early mornings and rehab.  All while having the thoughts of a child who could lose her Mom and its affecting me to say the least.

I’m just not ready.

We lost my Dad and I remember having dreams soon thereafter of losing her as well.  Awaking from a dream and running into her bedroom just to make sure that she was there, was a part of my everyday reality.  Being the oldest and the one she calls the most, I’m not sure that I’m ready to take on the responsibility of becoming the head of the family.  Yes I have my daughter and the grand kids but the thought of taking my parents place, I’m just not ready.

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Alone_MrsTDJ.comSo, I got dissed a few weeks ago.

Yup, dissed.  Old school 70’s and 80’s babies can appreciate the deepness of a wound that requires me to use a form of the word dis.  After the dis, I allowed my feelings to be hurt for 1.2 seconds before shaking my head from side to side while laughing to myself.  Looking back, there is no sting; just clarity.

Let me tell you what happened.  I’ve been pretty open about my struggles as a widow.  It’s been a challenge to find the right amount of support for myself.  I’ve been of the mindset that a grief support group for those who have lost their spouses was something I needed.   I tried many (ok, just three) groups and I didn’t like the way I felt in any of them.  In all the groups, I was the youngest person by at least 20 years and the only person with a young child. I certainly don’t believe in a distinction amongst those that are grieving; a loss is a loss.  After the loss of someone special, the living must survive.  Of those that survive, only the strongest and luckiest figure out how to craft their lives into some semblance of normalcy. 

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11 Recipe Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy


I can’t believe it’s already November! We had a fun Halloween, although it was different than years past because it was seriously storming in Northern California. Rain kept a lot of the trick-or-treaters away and while we had plans to go to the harvest festival at our local church, we also planned to do a little trick-or-treating ourselves. Unfortunately, because of the weather we didn’t end up going, because even when it cleared up a bit all the houses had closed up shop! So I decided to share a few of the recipes I’ve created that show how you can use some of that leftover Halloween candy in some fun ways. Whether you didn’t get any trick-or-treaters and are left with an abundance of candy, or you went trick-or-treating and you’d like to get creative with some of that candy. I’m sure one of these recipes will inspire your own sweet treats in the coming weeks! Just click the recipe title written in blue for the individual recipes for each of these treats! Caramel Apple Bread with

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Pumpkin-Cheesecake Muffins

In only a week’s time that Fall has officially begun, my social media timelines have been flooded with Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I even jumped on the bandwagon and made a Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie for breakfast one morning. In my mind, and apparently in America’s mind, the season does not really begin until you have one. If you haven’t had a pumpkin “something”, in your part of the world it’s still summer. This week I probably will break out the apples, then it will really be on!

Sothese muffins you came for. Be forewarned. They are life-changing, and your body will double-dog-dare you to eat just one. I’m serious.

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Move Stuff Out of the Way: Walk Away From What Does Not Serve You

#move stuff #harriette cole In order to be an effective leader you must know how to move stuff out of the way.  In a Master Class led by Harriette Cole at BeBlogalicious6, she shared this slide.  It stuck with me and is definitely worth sharing. Walk Away from what does not serve you.

30-Minute Easy Chicken Phở Ga Recipe #WeekdaySupper

Easy Chicken Pho Ga Recipe at I'm Not the Nanny

A big bowl of pho is the ultimate comfort food for me. Many of you have asked me to share my pho recipe, but I’ve hesitated. Not because I don’t want to share, but because it’s time consuming. As a busy mother, quick and easy recipes are the bulk of my cooking arsenal. I probably make pho once every couple of months because it takes time to develop the rich, flavorful broth.

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve already crossed off one item from my November Goals list!  The day after writing that post, I went to the thrift store on a whim and racked. up.  I found 2 pair of pumps (Bandolino and Nine West), 4 shirts, 1 pair of pants and a pencil skirt for all for $26.  I kid you not!

Now that I’ve crossed something off the list, I’m feeling really ambitious.  I still haven’t quite figured out where that $550 is coming from for November, but I have faith that it will happen.  Ya girl is preparing herself for some blessings! Do you hear me tho?  So moving forward with a mindset of abundance and blessings, it’s only fitting that I de-clutter my life to make room for said abundance and blessings.  The Weekly Wishes for this week are:

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I have been natural since 1997, but I was still pressing my hair a lot and wearing wigs or weaves even more.  It was not until about 2 years ago when I simply could not afford the expensive weave hair anymore that I just started my own personal little revolution and out popped my Curly Fro!on the social scene.

No shade at ALL on my Relaxed Sistas.  My decision (and Natural Hair Love) has nothing to do with you, it’s just what works for me and I do not judge my perm rocking sista’s at all!

I will not EVER say that there is anything that I wont do with my hair, except for getting a relaxer againHolla if Ya Hear Me!

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7 Time Management Tips for Work At Home Moms (and Dads)

Time Management Tips for Work at Home Moms-I'm Not the Nanny

I didn’t choose to become a work-a-home-mom almost 10 years ago, but it’s turned out to be a great fit for our family. I’ve had readers ask me how I manage to do it all and make time for my family. The ugly truth is: I don’t do it all. You should see the state of my kitchen. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t look at the mound of dirty dishes or the piles of clean laundry waiting to be folded.  Being a work at home mom allows me to drop my kids at the bus stop and greet them when they step off the bus. Plus I’m pretty happy with my office dress code: jeans and a cute top

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What Is Your End Game? The Question Every Mompreneur and Blogger Should Answer!

“What Is Your End Game?”

That was the battle cry of the Bloggy Bootcamp I attended in Atlanta earlier this month. It was presented by Sway Group and SITS Girls, a blogging network I’ve worked with for at least the last two years. One of the founders, Tiffany Romero, asked the question several times and it’s been ringing in my head ever since. I’ll explain why.

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