Honey Teriyaki Boneless Chicken Wings

honey teriyaki boneless chicken wings #ChicksWingIt #WingItWednesday - Mama Harris' Kitchen

For many, many years I avoided chicken with bones. It’s actually one of the main reasons I shied away from wings for so long. Let’s be honest, bone-in chicken is just messy. You fight for your food and try to get all the leftover meat in between each and every bone. Wings aren’t big to begin with, so it feels so tedious, doesn’t it? Granted, the wing recipe that Mandi over at Chewsy Lovers and I have been sharing for Wing It Wednesday are delicious and I have gotten over my aversion to bones, but sometimes a boneless wing is just so satisfying. Just dip and eat, no work involved. Unless you’re the one making it, of course! They key to a good boneless wing is a good crunch, that way once you add the sauce it doesn’t make them too soggy. Now, of course with all our wing recipes, you can pick and choose the method of cooking and then just use whichever sauce you like. This is why each week I’m trying to share a different cooking approach and it’s up to you to mix and match however . . .  [R ead More . . . ]


I love Old Bay seasoning and although the can it comes in says you can eat it on a number of things, I had only ever had it on seafood or in a seafood pot. Well I tried it on chicken, and I am officially hooked! You know I love a goodcrab bucketOK so that’s not completely true.

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The Apple IWatch Is a Health Platform, Not a Fitness Band

Like many people, I was hyped for Apple’s launch of its new products last Tuesday. The Iphone 6, well if you love Apple products like me, you probably  still can’t wait to actually examine one. In truth however I was more interested in the Apple IWatch, their wearable smart watch because the Apple IWatch is a health platform.   In an earlier post I wondered whether this product would be a game changer in the way healthcare will eventually be provided.  Back in June Apple announced that HealthKit, an app bundled into iOS8 was in place.  

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Yes I did take my Black Girl tail out hiking on an almost 10 mile hike.

Yes I did make my way out for some fun afterwards.

Yes I have been limping ever since.

I am about to school you on some “be a better hiker” information, so that the first time that you decide to power hike that you have some ammunition to stay energized and at peace:

1. Take two bottles of water. Yes two.  You might not have a water fountain or fill up station and you do not want to have 4 miles to walk without hydration. [Read More . . .]

Implementing Chore Charts For Kids

At the playground

I’m pretty organized when it comes to my business. I have checklists, to do lists, spreadsheets, and file folders. I use most of them on a regular basis. I’m semi-organized in my personal and family life, thanks to my Google calendar hacks. Everything else is in my head. I’m sure most moms are super organized in their heads.

Today I overslept and woke up 15 minutes before we needed to leave to catch the school bus. Thankfully my husband got the kids moving and fed them breakfast. Except he overslept too and was rushing to get himself busy. When I finally bolted out of bed yelling, “Oh, crap!” he was on his way out the door. [Read More . . .]

You Deserve A Little Me Time — Dating Tips for Single Moms Looking for Mr. Right

So you’re on the lookout for love again, and you turn to the mysterious world of online dating. You’ve set up a dazzling profile and are ready to let the dating commence. The only thing that might be an issue are the kids. Some men flee in the opposite direction when kids are part of the equation. Immature?! Yeah, but unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that you might have to deal with as a single mom, so here are a few tips so that you can be a successful single mom and find the love of your life on the online dating scene: [Read More . . .]

Plan a Quick, Family Getaway in the Midwest


If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a little while, you know that I (and my family) are Midwest transplants and that we are all southern-born and bred.  Toon is from New Orleans and Jam and I hail from Jackson, MS.  Now, if you’ve really been reading this blog for a while then you may also know that I haven’t always been very fond of Omaha, or the Midwest, in general. I meanit’s not the South:(  I know, I know, I need to get over it, especially since I’ve been here for over 5 years now, but it’s hard.  It’s just not homeyet. [Read More . . . ]

Back to School Part II

I love high school girls. They are full of life and just so special.  They either know themselves and are driven or are afraid of the power they know they have hidden in fear of the women they can become. For so many years I was in the latter group. I was the oldest in my family and had no idea that I could forge my own path. I did everything I was told not realizing how AWESOME I was. I spent years in rebellion learning to like me.  I think that’s why i enjoy photographing the age range that I do because if I can share my story and help just ONE young woman realize her worth, then the years that I spent afraid and who and what I could be aren’t wasted. [Read More . . .]

How I Stumbled My Way Into Mompreneurship

Mompreneur in Action

My journey to mompreneurship began in  the summer of 2013 when I was faced with the need to find a viable job.  Through a marketing placement agency, I was successful in getting an interview for an email marketing temporary opportunity with a Dallas design company.  The interview was in April when my toddler was a delicious cute 9 months old baby.  For almost 2 years since my pregnancy, I had dispensed with the notion of dressing to the nines.  So I gladly made the transition from my “not to be seen in public” outfit into an interview suit.  I even went online to ensure that my particular interview suit was still  in style.  [Read More . . . ]


The Psychology Of Social Media: Is Social Media Harmful To Real Life Relationships?

relationships, facebook, twitter, instagram, social media

Is social media harmful to real life relationships? I asked the following question to a group of folks on Facebook that I respect. I was curious because, it was something that I saw flash across my timeline from an online influencer and then again from a personal friend that made me ask the question.   [Read More . . .]

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